Monday, May 18, 2009

Playmate of the year Ida Ljungqvist and Playboy's Lies and deception.

I am a huge reader of Playboy. Or I was. We all know their is much scandal surrounding Ida Ljungqvist who was voted as Playboy's Playmate of the year 2009. But seriously, the June issue filled with an article and pictorials that came out was filled with so much BS that is might as well been dog crap wrapped in plastic on sale for $5.99 at your local magazine outlet or liquor store. Lets breakdown what Playboy writes and "Ida says" in the June Playboy issue and compare them to the real facts. It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out Playboy is blowing smoke up our ass or they just had a bad case amnesia where they forgot who they were interviewing and writing about. Remember Playboy claims many readers get Playboy "for the articles".

Playboy & Ida's fibs written in the issue:
Page 86-88 states:
"And why is she a good-luck charm only for female models? She says guys find it hard to open up to her because they think she's unattainable, but she has news for them. "I am single and ready and ready," she says. "I am the happiest girl in California! I'm a little shy and prefer men to approach me first, but I'll give them a little sign like a look or a wink that says, 'Get your butt over here!" Regardless of what's going on in the economy, everybody wants to help. The United States is a very generous country, and the people are not as self-centered as the news may say" "I'm happy-that's it," she says. "My happiness doesnt come from anything of this world. People think you become happier by doing more, but that's not true. You acomplish more when you realize that everything you have is inside of you don't need to add anything to yourself."

Seriously, ummmmm ok. Coming from someone who isnt even a United States citizen that sounds like nothing more than a "kiss ass campaign" coming from someone who is VERY self centered. I was at the PALMS casino at the actual PMOY announcment party. How come Ida doesnt tell her viewers that she was slobbing lips with a dude named Doug Kantner who looks like he is 50 years old by the way. Also the same guy Ida's current husband Joshua R. Lang came clean over that she had an affair with? Explain that, Ms. "I'm single and ready". Ready for what? Excepting another sugar daddy to add fake parts to your body that you say "you dont need to add anything to yourself". Like we dont know your boobs, nails, eyelashes, hair and smile are all FAKE and were added by a piece of small green paper called "money"? I assume if she gives you the "wink" she claims she gives to men she is interested in. That must mean your getting the "wink" from doom and it's nothing more than a ploy most prostitues do to get your attention to drop some skrill on them. She must be the happiest girl in California, I mean she jacked over her marriage, destroyed another marriage with another mans wife who has two children, and has mostly negative things written about her everywhere. Why? you ask.

The point is, this whole Playboy crap is getting old. Playboy claims "they love her". Maybe cause they need readers from scandal or Playboy is sooooooo sick in the head, they dont the difference between their head and their ass. It's not hard to figure out if you follow Playboy or in general that Ida is a fake bimbo. Plain and simple. I'm sure Playboy is hurting in terms of selling issues to readers, so they are in desperate mode to write anything including trash just to sell a buck. All I know is, that I cancelled my subscription and know many others who have as well because of this chick that was a flop from the start. It's not so much Ida, but the fact Playboy ignored fans messages and urged Playboy NOT TO PICK IDA AS PMOY! But no they didnt listen and it's biting them in the ass big time. Ta Ta Playboy. Ta Ta.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ida Ljungqvist Playmate of the Year Scandal, controversy & questions asked!


Playboy named Ida Ljungqvist as their Playmate of The Year Saturday (May 2nd) night in a ceremony held at the Palms in Las Vegas. Hugh Hefner and his girls were of course on hand for the event which took place in Sin City for the first time.
Ida is the magazine’s first African-born playmate ever, and she’ll be their 50th Playmate of The Year. A very sexy Ida will be featured in June’s issue. Ida recieved $100,000 and a new Mazda R6 vehicle. The playmate luncheon took place at the PALMS Resort in Las Vegas. Ida's Playmate of the year issue will be out in June. Ida's husband Joshua R. Lang who was in Los Angeles was bombarded by paparazzi while out with friends on his way home in regards to his wife/ soon to be ex-wife (who knows) winning the title. It seems the cameras were getting a little too close for comfort. Lang calmly placed out his hand to make sure the photogs knew not to cross any boundaries basically keeping his lips sealed except for brief words and that he has "much love" the for playmate. One photog asked if he was in that new fighting flick. The infamous chihuahua was no where in site.

Although, when it rains it pours. The newly crowned playmate will most likely have scandal surrounding her and its almost certain there is more to come her way. Consider these facts.

-Ida Ljungqvist was sleeping with men for money?
-She has a public divorce with her husband Joshua Lang?
-She had an affair and is having an affair with another guy?
-She was on adult web-sites seeking men for “financial gain”
-Wears religious symbols around her neck while wearing…? (you get the idea)

Yes, it is true and these are BIG topics surrounding this Playboy Playmate. Many blogs and comment pages are saying she is a “fraud” and a “liar” who didn’t deserve to win the crown. It’s obvious the Playmate of the year dinner at the PALMS casino was perfectly choreographed and planned with Public Relations (PR) to enlighten people that this person is “like no other” and “unique”. Only time will tell what comes out, but as of now, this 50th anniversary Playboy bash seems tainted and tarnished. Most Americans aren’t that dumb and will most likely see through the plastic doll Playboy pronounced to be the queen of nudity.